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My friend, the computerMy name is Beatrix Sinkovicsné Horváth. I studied at Budapest Teacher Training College until 1982. I was working as a teacher more than 25 years, and after I graduated as a computer science teacher at Esterhazy Karoly College in 2006, I started to teach IT.

The "love" of IT is not new because I got my first Commodore 64 computer in 1987. I started to teach informatics for kids in 1990. The Commodore 64 was placed in the classroom, and we also used it in other classes. I made simple educational program to C64 in Basic language. I have been teaching IT for students at the age of 9-14 since 2006.

Besides teaching I make websites and I do webprogramming in HTML, PHP and MySQL.

I got the idea that it would be great if everybody could find the useful things on the Internet. Because of this I started 'www.tanito.atw.hu' website. In 2009 the www.gyakorolj.hu started too, and it has daily 3000-4000 visitors, and more than 1000 fans in Facebook.

Now I am living in England, in Selsey.
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